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Recent Changes

Please note: When general changes are announced on this page, if your PSLog version is dated before the date shown, the changes will not be available until your next update. If you would like these changes immediatly please contact us to arrange this.
General Change
Two new reports are available. There is a new 'Docket Register' Report which allows you to check on the status (used, cancelled or unused) of dockets within a series. Also you can now choose to get a more detailed 'Missing Dockets' Report instead the report simply listing missing dockets.

New User
Mangonui Haulage Limited is now a PSLog user.

General Change for users with Docket Reconciliation
The Docket Reconciliation screen is now seperate from the main PSLog screen. This means you can keep the Docket Reconciliation open, move it around if you like, while checking/changing docket information in PSLog. If also has a new 'Refresh' button which updates the Docket Reconciliation to take into account any changes you have made to the dockets being reconciled in PSLog.

General Change
For users who issue dockets, you can now choose whether to delete them or mark them as cancelled. Dockets marked as cancelled will be detailed on a new 'Cancelled Dockets Report'.

General Change
When entering a new SaleREF, you will get a warning displayed if you already have a SaleREF entered with the same information. You can then choose whether the keep the new SaleREF or not.

PSLog Exhibiting at the Forestry Expo
PSLog will be exhibiting at the 2011 NZ Forestry Expo Monday 5 - Wednesday 7 September. You can find us at stand 47.
For more information on the expo, please follow the link on our links page.

New User
Tenco Limited is now a PSLog user.

New Feature Available
There is a new feature available to reconcile data in PSLog against csv files.
Click Here  for details

FAQ updated

New User
Dunedin Carrying Company Limited is now a PSLog user.

General Change
There is now an option in Manager, Logger and Owner Maintenance to copy all existing prices from one place to another as a single operation.
Click Here  for details

General Change for users with Imports
You will now only be able to select the output code from a drop down menu to avoid any problems with incorrect output codes

General Change
There is now an option in Update Rates to keep the new rate for all future dockets.
Click Here  for details

FAQ updated

What's New page released

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