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Users frequently ask whether they can delete certain pieces of information.

You can delete some things and make others inactive. The difference is, once deleted, things are gone for good while if you choose to make something inactive, that option is selectable for reporting only, not for input.

To clarify things, here's a list of what you can do.

What you can delete

  • Trucks - from the Carter menu
  • Destinations - from the Customer menu
  • Fees - from the Manager menu
  • Forest Prices - from the Owner menu
  • Logging Prices - from the Logger menu
  • Cartage Costs (right hand part of the screen) - from Cartage Costs
  • Source REFs
  • Sales REFs

  • What you can choose to be inactive

  • Owners - from the Owner menu
  • Forests - from the Owner menu
  • Loggers - from the Logger menu
  • Customers - from the Customer menu
  • Carters - from the Carter menu
  • Loaders - from the Loader menu
  • Managers - from the Manager menu
  • Log Qualities & Grades - Log Quality & Grade menu
  • Source REFs
  • Sale REFs
  • Destinations - Miscellaneous

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