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Forest Production Systems Ltd

Additional Benefits of PSLog

  • Design and save your own reports with PSLog's built in Reporting tool.

  • All reports can be saved in text or CSV format, making it possible to import them into Excel.

  • You can send formatted PSLog reports to customers, owners or contractors
    which they can open, browse and print using a PSLog report viewer.

  • All reports can be output as industry standard PDF files.

  • PSLog can be customised so that it does just what YOU need it to.
    When you are talking to Forest Production Systems about your needs, you can be
    confident that the people you are talking to understand the needs and requirements
    within the industry.

  • PSLog is designed to run efficiently over netwroks, not just local area networks
    but also within wide area networks.

  • PSLog is designed in a modular fashion which allows you to easily add new features
    when the need arises

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