This feature is used to compare the data that you have in PSLog with data from another source.
For example, at the end of the month you could compare a file from your cartage contractor against PSLog, to reconcile invoices.

The first screen shot below shows the Profile screen, which allows you to specify what options you wish to compare.
As the example shows, you can set up and save multiple profiles.

The second screen shot shows what the reconcilation screen looks like with no data, showing which buttons there are and what they do.

The last screen shot shows the reconciliation. On the left you have the data from the csv and on the right what is in PSLog.
The white lines show information that matches the criteria you have chosen and the red lines and boxes show information that doesn't match.
As you can clearly see from this, there are two instances where the docket is not in PSLog and two instances where the Jas figures don't match.

Reconciliation Profile Screen Shot

Reconciliation Buttons Screen Shot

Reconciliation Screen Shot